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What's the difference between PSD and a traditional rental program?
The traditional vendors have so much overhead that they have to charge high prices to cover those expenses. That leads to outrageous invoices for their customers and lengthy service contracts. That is no way to treat a customer. Patriot Supply Direct was created to specifically solve the headaches and high-prices of traditional uniform and facility supply rental programs. PSD has converted the traditional and outdated rental business model into a monthly subscription-box program to restock your supply inventory with items that are equal in quality or better than you would get from a traditional vendor

Who will refill my dispensers and change out my mats?
Your staff. One of the misconceptions that traditional vendors sell you on is how badly you need their drivers to change out your products, like soap bag refills and dirty mats. The truth is, your staff is already dealing with and replacing these items many times each week, way before that driver comes back the next week. If you run a restaurant, and toilet paper dispenser runs out, do you just rope off that stall and call it out of service? No, one of your staff members runs to the supply closet and takes care of it. When you need to wash your floors at night, do you mop over the rental floor mats? No, you roll them up and move them yourself. More often than not, when that delivery driver comes to check your dispensers, they are already filled, because your staff has been making sure they are all week. Why keep paying the driver a premium for a service that your staff is already performing?

What's the difference between PSD and other online supply stores?
What makes PSD so unique in this space is that we have combined the best aspects of a traditional rental program with the deep discounts and flexibility of an online supply source. However, online supply stores can be a huge headache. You still must track and manage the inventory of items at your business on your own, and continuously re-reorder products when you can remember to. So most likely, you order huge amounts of supplies to try and prevent running out on short-notice, tying up more money than is necessary. With PSD, we build your program once, and then supplies automatically show up at your door each month to replenish your inventory for another month. If you run out of something early, we rush-ship a replacement, and then increase the quantity for the months moving forward. So much easier.

Am I renting these products or do I own them?
You own them. All of our products are recyclable. In order to save you as much money as possible, we only ship products one direction. “Renting” an item is what the traditional vendors want you to do, our so they can keep charging you for the same item. After you have rented uniforms for 5 years, you could’ve bought all those uniforms 5 times over. But if you cancel the program after renting for 5 years, guess what? They take all their products back. That is crazy. So we buy our products in bulk, and removed as much of the overhead as we could, and passed those savings along to you. So now you own the product, and it is cheaper. Amazing, right

I already have a contract in place with a vendor. Can I order from PSD?
We can work with customers in any situation. Just give us a call today to speak to one of our industry experts learn more.