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Price: $1,150.00
    Points to Purchase:115000
    Bumper style:

    Choose Winch Box if you want to mount a winch inside the bumper. See FAQ Page for examples of all options. Price will adjust based on selections. Sample pics are a small representation, not all combinations can be shown.

    Paint Options - front:

    Recovery Tow Points:

    Provides a secure location to connect a tow strap to. Drings are permanently on the bumper, shackle mounts allow for a removable shackle which is usually preferred. See FAQ page for more info.

    Sensor Holes:

    Built-in Recessed Light Mounts (Inner):

    See our accessories store for lighting options.
    Built-in Recessed Light Mounts (Outer):

    See our accessories store for lighting options.
    Grill Guard:

    See FAQ page for pics and examples.

    Grill Guard Top Connector Bar:

    Adds an extra bar above the grill guard. See FAQ for example. 

    Intermediate Grill Guard Bar:

    A separate bar in between the center section of the grill guard for added protection. See FAQ for additional pics.

    Intermediate Light Guard Bars:

    Adds extra protective bar across the headlight area of the light guard on your grill guard i.e. Plate style grill guard with "light guard". See FAQ for image.

    Light bar mount :

    This is a smaller bar that runs across the center section of your grill guard to allow you to mount extra lights. Comes with welded tabs with holes to bolt extra lights to.

    Body lift: Has the body been lifted off the frame? Not same as suspension lift:

    This is not about a suspension lift. We will adjust the mounting brackets to ensure the bumper and body still match and there is no additional gap from body being higher.

    Rubber Dock Bumpers:

    Like what you see on delivery trucks, if your planning on bumping against a loading dock or pushing things you may want this, most peopel do not add this option.

    Fully Built or DIY Bumper Kit? :

    DIY Kits: We do all the CAD, plasma cutting, and forming of the assemblies you will fully weld everything together yourself. See FAQ for more info.
    Shipping/Install Options:

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    This bumper replaces your OEM bumper with the welded strength of steel. Price shown is for the base bumper and from there, is fully customizable so that you can include the best options that are important to you.

    This rugged, all steel construction bumper has been designed to improve your off-road performance capabilities, as well as including selectable options such as a mountable winch, welded tow points, grill guard, LED lights, and other accessories. Made with the highest quality standards by experienced craftsmen using the latest technologies.

    To configure your bumper, selecting the options in the dropdowns, when satisfied, click add to cart, then checkout.

    Questions? See FAQ & Pics page for bumper accessory explanations and examples. If you have any questions at all, submit a question using the online form, or give us a call.

    Blue Lake Off-Road is a Veteran Owned Business and 100% Made in USA

    Brackets and hardware for installation